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Hi Folks,

Where did I see the posting about making Cauldron Ashes that are lighted?

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Quick search:


This is what I did:

There is just a ring of landscaping stones, a few pieces of firewood and a flicker light string of lights arranged in and under the wood. I made it so none of the bulbs can be seen from any angle (tucked them behind or under) so the light is all reflected off of the wood. The cauldron (it's a big plastic flower pot) has the drain holes in the bottom - I blocked off all of them but three with duct tape and have fog piped into the cauldron (hole cut in the back side with a dryer vent hose, attached to a pvc housing caulked into the pot) and the fog mainly went out of the top of the cauldron, but some would leak out of the drain hole in the bottom and drift over the "fire" giving it a perfect fire look. It really looks like a banked fire. I had folks all night ask how I did that since it looks so real even from a few feet away. ;)
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