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Help!!! Broken Animated Grim Reaper

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Last year I purchased a 6 foot tall Animated Grim Reaper from Rite Aid. His eyes light up and his mouth moves... well, it did until today. There are these wires with plastic plug-like pieces on the end that connect from the battery box to the reaper's head (the same kind of connections that you will see on a prop that has a "Try Me" button for store use). One of these wires has broken. Now, the sound will play but his mouth doesn't move. Does anyone know if I can get a replacement wire and what type I should look for? I spent alot of money on this guy and everyone just loves him, it's a shame to not have him working.
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If you just need the wire you could use a 26 gauge stranded wire. If you don't have any lurking in your scrap pile a old cat 5 computer patch cable will work. Strip the jacket off and you have a choice of colors. You will have to untwist them if you need a single wire.
A picture would really help here. There are TONS of Mr.Fixit's on this site who could most likely suggest a workaround for your problem......Like "jbaum" for instance.....cheers
Can't you just strip both ends and twist them back together?

Or find out where it came un-soldered?
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