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Help! "blind" glasses like mask

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Ok, this isn't for me but all my talking about Halloween and my love of it has come back to me. One of my supervisors at work is making a costume and came to me for help. Part of the costume is this thing that kinda looks like wrap around sunglasses but its supposed to make you look blinded by it. The problem she has is actually making it so that she can see out of it but so that no one can see her eyes. Like a 2 way mirror. They need to be sort of pink. Fuchsia I think she said. Anyways, she didn't want to make eye holes. I was thinking about some kinda thin film over mirrored glasses but I don't know anything about this stuff compared to all of you lot. :D

Please help! Thank you in advanced!
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maybe something like perforated window film? Pink probably isn't common there, but they custom print these so it's doable.
Thanks, hhh! I'll let her know.

Also, as cat fanatic, I must say that I love your avatar picture!
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