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Help 3 person group costume idea

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My guy and I were planning on doing a couples costume this year, but he always does a costume with his friend and I really don't want to exclude him. But now we are having a hard time coming up with a costume idea that all three of us can agree on. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I always start planning my costume for the next year the day after Halloween, so it being so close I'm starting to panic. I tend to go for humor or gory or both, but always unique, I don't want to dress like anyone else. In the past I have gone as a Silent Hill nurse, a cat (not sexy, a giant suit), Rachel Dolezal, Demonic Nun, Ripley from Alien, a creepy clown (during the all the clown sightings) and Cassidy from Preacher. We were originally going to go as Adam & Barbara from Beetlejuice before we realized we needed to include his friend, he didn't want to go as Beetlejuice, My ideas so far have been Velma, Shaggy and Fred (my dog looks like Scooby), Jack, Wendy & Danny Torrance and Three's Company (I would be Jack and the guys would be Chrissy and Janet) this was my favorite idea, they didn't go for it :( He wants to go as zombies right now, that is just too bland for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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