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Hi there. Have just come across this forum in the last few days and am so cross as there are so many ideas and only 3 days to Halloween!
I love all this stuff but I live somewhere where there is not a lot of stuff to buy even if I could afford it. But theres always next year. There is so much inspiration on this site:)
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WELCOME TO THE FORUM etheral , where are you from ? i look forward to chatting with you in the near future , in the meantime so good to have fresh meat on the forum ..... from a mild and very wet southeast England U.K.
I live in N Ireland on the north coast. Super wet and windy!
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Welcome to the forum

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I live in the northern part of BC and we don't have any stores other than Canadian Tire and Walmart (which is probably still more than you have access too) and my wallet doesn't allow for a lot of spending even on the things I love. That is why I LOVED this forum. I have learned to make so many things by recycling anything I can get my hands on for free, or next to nothing. I hope you will learn quickly to love it too.

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