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hey guys! i've been coming here for inspiration for years so i thought it was time to start posting my self. i love Halloween! i am a Halloween junkie. :D have yet to be able to do a haunt yet but i plan on doing a little yard haunt this year so ill have something to show finally. ill be posting my progress here soon. i look forward to hearing all your input. happy haunting! :D
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Kindo, Howdy first off bad ideal doing a little yard Haunt. It is just going to get BIGGER & BIGGER each year after, Your best bet is to just jump in knee deep, and go all out the first time. Remember if you have a better half (it is always easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact)
Hi , so glad you decided to finally take the plunge , welcome and if you do manage to create your yard display this year be sure to post pics , all the best from one of the old countries ...... a wet and not so merry England
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