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Hi everyone. My name is Joe; I've just joined the forum and am excited to communicate with fellow Halloween enthusiasts. I am a personal trainer by day--and night--and a writer in the time between. My Halloween-related fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Harvest Hill and Jack-O-Spec, and I've recently published the book Autumn Lauds: Poems for the Halloween Season (available on Amazon). Back in 2010, I began writing the blog Macabre Republic, which is devoted to the celebration and appreciation of American Gothic in literature and culture.

Currently eating: YoCrunch Pumpkin Pie Yogurt (yes, it's as good as it sounds)

Currently reading: Nightmare Carnival (a wicked-good anthology that would have made Bradbury proud)

Currently dreading: November 1st (oh, if only there were more than 31 days in October!)
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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