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Greetings fellow haunters! Let me start by addressing how great it is to find so many other people so excited about the best holiday of the year! While I am new to this forum, I am not new to all facets of Halloween. I grew up loving scary movies and have probably watched Evil Dead II several hundred times! As a young lad I used to experiment with special effects make up and had a box filled with all sorts of latex bottles, props and gadgets. In college I always planned month's in advance to conjure up the best costume in order win the costume contest. I won first place 3 out of 4 years and my costumes were "space man", "crazy chicken" complete with a KFC bucket o' feathers and my grand finale was "hot dog". (I gotta find pics!)

I will be throwing my 3rd Halloween party this year with the help of my beautiful and creative wife. The theme this year is "Famous Dead Persons Ball" and we expect to have anywhere between 60 - 80 guests. We acquired our costumes in August and started planning / building props and decor around that time. Here are just some of the things we have planned...

7 hours of all Halloween related party music blasting through an 800 watt PA system (I'll try to post the list of songs)

An LCD projector displaying classic horror movie clips on a HUGE screen on my garage.

A Bloody Bean Toss game

Find the skeleton game

Mummy Relay Race game

Creepy Costume Contest

A Beer Pit that contains 2 coffins, a rocking serial killer named "Ned" driven by a wiper motor and my first attempt a corpsified blucky.

Fully stocked Ghost Bar

Cannibal Kitchen / Slaughter house

Floating Reaper on the apex of my garage

Fogged out Graveyard

Countless other props!

I will keep you guys posted and will most likely create a video of the night for posting online.

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