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Hello to One and All

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Not sure if I should be here. My daughter is the one who throws adult Halloween parties every year. I just help create crafts to decorate her party each Halloween. She's interested in obtaining A. Granger/The Cackling Cauldron's potion labels. I saw the labels on site but don't know how to purchase them if they are for sale to the public. Any suggestions?:eek:
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Welcome! Maybe check under the Crafts Boards & ask there, since the labels are specific. Good luck!
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Do you like Halloween?!
If your answer is yes... then you belong!! Welcome to HalloweenForum. :)

You will find the Halloween community to be the most creative, fun, helpful and accepting group of folks around.
I saw you already found A_Granger. Her labels are exceptional, I have used them over and over again. She also is such a nice person.
Good luck with your Halloween plans.
Thank you to everyone who has replied to my potion label missive including but not least A. Granger herself. My daughter has decided that she's going another route and it's now out of my hands. I'll urge her to join the forum since she's a regular "chatter box" and full of great Halloween ideas!

Halloween Mom
Welcome to the Halloween Forum!!
If you love Halloween then you belong here! :)
Welcome to the forum . . . you're going to love it here!

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