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Hello to all!!!

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Greetings to everyone! My name is Scott, and I am the owner of Haunter's Headquarters, a Halloween prop and decoration company located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The company officially began production on April 5th, 2009. I wanted to join Halloween Forum a lot sooner than this, but we have been a bit busy! Our website is under construction and should be done by the end of August, but for now we have been using our Myspace account as our online selling shop.

We would LOVE for everyone to please check out our work on the Haunter's Headquarters Myspace page.

We recently signed on King Unicorn of kingunicorn.com to do some very amazing Halloween props exclusively for Haunter's Headquarters which will be available for this Halloween season.

I hope to meet a lot more great Halloween freaks here on Halloween Forum!

Haunter's Headquarters
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Thanks all! I am not just here to promote the company... I know it can be a annoyance when people don't use their account for anything else accept self promotion. Now, not to make myself look like a hypocrite but, here is the link to our Myspace page. lol

Haunter's Headquarters | MySpace

Cant wait to get buried in more Halloween goodness here!

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