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I saw your posts about yards and that was all that I needed to join in with you. Oh, yes you want an introduction first. (I'm playing with these these posting features :confused:, so please bear with me. )

I live in Chester County, PA. My yard at this time of year is called "Uwchlan Haunt Halloween". I've both a page and group on Facebook under that title. To see my photo albums from the past 10 years, you'll have to go find them under my real name. ;) The decorating just came about by normal growth from inside my home when the children were young. Then as they aged, so did my steps of decorating go forward from the doorway to the vestibule then into the yard, one section at a time. In 2014, my neighbor reported me to the local newspaper, the Daily Local News. Now I can be found on YouTube and via a Google search, :rolleyes: once again under my real name. I didn't know that a reporter and photographer were coming, so that was my debut when a microphone was pushed under my chin. It really doesn't show much since the came in the early part of decorating. I've got the best pictures of the completed scenes. Although I was surprised that the photographer didn't return for he seemed to enjoy himself. He took lots of pictures of him with my props. What can I say, other than I do have good taste in Halloween goodies. for the sakes of little ones (and myself) I don't do gore. Instead I enjoy hidden humor, similar to that of my Irish heritage. As many do I'd imagine, my yard his always decorated differently. If I missed anything, please don't be silent about it. I for sure won't when it comes my turn to comment.

WARNING, please bear with my recently diagnosed ADHD for sometimes what I say comes out another way to others. :eek: Just do keep in mind that I'm a kind giving gentle person. (And too old to reincarnate myself now, but I do try if others help me.) When in doubt, ask and I will try again to say what I meant. Thank you.
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