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Hello, new here!

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Hey everyone, I'm new here! I guess I'll start with this, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!
I wish I had found this site a long time ago. I build most of my Halloween decor every year, and its usually pretty fun! I'm going light on my building this year, becuz I've recently gotten involve in other community stuff this past year and I don't have alot of time, and I rushed on alot of stuff last year to get things up in time, that, along with some controversy with a neighbor, and that there was only, maybe 5 tick'or'treaters, I got burned out a bit. I hope being on here, and seeing so many others who get in the spirit as much as I do, will help re-new my Halloween spirit this year! Just becuz I'm going light on my building, doesn't mean I'm going light on decorating tho. Since I have so much left over from the past 3 years of building, I can still put on a great display without having to build more, atleast this year. I am however working on a working Sweeney Todd style barber's chair, to go along with my Sweeney Todd costume! I've had a few issues with it, so I can't guarantee to will get finessed, but I'm going to try my best!

Well, I guess that's long enough introduction(maybe too long HAHA) If anyone is interested, I'd love to post pics of my previous years displays and costumes!
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