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Hello new from Portland Oregon!

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Hey! I'm a total halloween freak since day one!
Some of my fondest memories have taken place on Halloween.
I just love the essence and all the lil creatures that come with it, I always joke with my friends/coworkers that Halloween is when I'm in season!
I love Halloween music and have a lil podcast Ive done each October for the past three years. I can't post a link until I've made three posts so I'm trying to work on that now!
The podcast is honestly just a complication of Halloween oldies and some really bad jokes thrown in.
I'd love to ask what some of your fondest Halloween memories are?!
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WELCOME TO THE FORUM from England , being from the U.K. when i was a kid we didn't celebrate it here like we do now , but thankfully my kids have grown up with it , but i have always loved it from when i learnt about it around 6 or 7 , even though it was not celebrated much then , so most of my cherished memories are of my daughters every year dressing up and seeing the excitement and anticipation of what creature there dad could make for their yard each year and what theme it would be lol , now at 19 and 23 , they just think i am mad .
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