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Hello Everyone!

I've been looking around the forums for a while and I've finally decided to join and become a member!

I love Halloween and I'm excited to meet many people on here who love Halloween as much as I do!

This year I started an event called "The Halloweenie Challenge" that I would like to promote:

It's based on the Halloween episode of Nickelodeon show Pete and Pete. Basically, you try to beat the record set in that episode by trick or treating 375 houses in a single Halloween night! Is it even possible? I have no idea! But we're sure going to try!

Ultimately, my goal with Halloweenie was to create something fun for Halloween that anyone could participate in. It started one Halloween when I really didn't feel comfortable going to the college Halloween parties I was invited to. ( things got pretty scary / weird ) So I got some friends together to go Trick or Eating (collecting canned goods for the local food pantry) and it was a HUGE success! I could not believe how generous everyone was with their donations - and house after house - it added up quickly! We ended up collecting boxes and boxes of food!

Every year we kept trying to go to more and more houses...
and eventually, that turned into The Halloweenie Challenge!

To Summarize:

Trick or Treat 375 houses. Collect candy, food, or some other type of donation. Give your haul to the charity of your choice.

Complete the Challenge and become a Halloween legend!

It is 100% free to sign up.

Please check out/share the website: www.HalloweenieChallenge.com

Really great for older kids/teens and college students who are looking for something fun to do for Halloween.
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Welcome to the best forum for your Halloween needs :) Make sure to make this your Home page. It will come in handy ;)
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