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Hello from the UK - Just Joined & Looking for Advice

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Hi All:)
Just joined. My name is Simon, and I am from Hampshire in England (UK).

I came across this site as a bit of a fluke, after trying to find some online US Companies that ship International.

Here in the UK, we have stores like ASDA (Part of Walmart), but the stock is nothing near as what Walmart (US) seems to offer!

I have been decorating my home since 2005 and each year its got bigger adn bigger.

This year will be no exception, but I am looking for a real good stand out prop, either sound or motion activated.

But I have failed to find any decent online stores that ship international.

Been using ebay.com for many items.

Any advice helpful.
Thanks for allowing me to join !
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Welcome to the forum and good luck on your search. :)

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Many thanks for this link. will check it now!

I am the only one in our street that actually goes to any lengths of displaying a good haunted house.

It's the same old story. Although there are quite a few of us UK haunters here on the forum, we're scattered around the country and seem to be the only ones in our respective neighbourhoods that go to any lengths.

The problem with importing anything from the states is the shipping costs involved, which add mightily to the price. In the case of large animatronic props this can make the cost prohibitive in many cases, thats if you can find a company that ships internationally.

If it's Gemmy style figures that you're after, One of the members up in the Stockport area, Dazzer, has a few. He's a great guy and I'm sure he could point you in the right direction if you asked him.

Other than that, there are some great ideas for making your own props here on the forum, including PIR motion sensor hacks and all the technical advice you would need to make your own animatronics.

Best of luck and welcome to the forum.


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hi and welcome

hi simon welcome
iam in the uk as well but i'm in scotland
we are at a disadvantage with our stores here
all i can sugest is to keep loking
modify the projects you find on line
try second hand shops,charity shops.ect for costumes for props
goog luck and have a horrid halloween

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hi and welcome to the forum.

everyone is really helpful.

i am from the uk and if you need anything specific, let me know and will help if i can.

we wanted one of the gemmy haunted houses (i think they are about £100) but he shipping cost is also about £100!!!!

instead i have just built a lean to at the side of the house and am creating a tunnel of terror
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