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hello from the colony tx

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I heard about this site from hauntcast and since I was just bitten by the Halloween bug I thought I would give a look. I have always loved Halloween and now the kids are older I thought I would scare them. I love this stuff.
I have built some graveyard fencing and have assembled the Halloween King .
I think i will make some tombstones now. Even the Kids are getting into it with painting and all.
Good family fun......
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welcome the the forum
Ah, another fellow Texan. We are gonna take over. LOL Welcome from Lancaster. That south of Dallas.
Welcome to the forum! Halloween is the best type of family fun
Howdy and welcome! Always good to have another Texan...

I used to live in Lewisville--I miss the weather up that way, and the hockey, and the occasional snow... None of that down here near Houston ;>

H-ween is definitely family fun--my DD has been "helping" since she was 3 :) She's been asking why I haven't gotten started yet this year!

You'll love this forum. There are SO many talented, incredibly helpful folks here!
welcome aboard
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