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Hello there from the Bayou State (Louisiana!)
Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself on this super awesome forum.

I made a PVC fence last year that I originally found linked here (and this is how I found the forum <3 )...I LOVE the way it came out.
Almost got divorced over it buuuuuut....it looked good! XD

I have always been such a huge fan of Halloween, and now that I own my own home and have finally gotten a good big-girl job, I can dedicate time and finances to doin' it up big like I have always dreamed.

This year's focus: Continuing my graveyard scene!
1) Stone pillars for the corners (and maybe interspersed throughout the panels if I have it left in me) of the fence
2) More grave stones! Who can ever really have enough? I'm going to try my hand with MAKING them this year (Last year found an awesome deal on the GrandinRoad tombstones).
3) Now I done found a thread on making vines out of rope and Good Stuff and paint....guess I gotta add this to the list too.

Totally doable in 4 months.

.... right?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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