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Hello from Tennessee

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Hi guys,

My name is Deron and I'm from East Tennessee. I love ANYTHING Halloween or horror related, it is my favorite holiday of the year!

This is the second Halloween forum i've joined and this is by far the most active. I will be checking out posts almost on a daily basis.

I am always looking for haunted attractions to go to, so if anyone knows of any within a couple hour drive from East Tennessee, let me know!

I've been to King Island Fearfest, Six Flags over Georgia Frightfest, Netherworld in Atlanta as well as local haunted houses. I would highly recommend Kings Island Fearfest and Netherworld, not so much Six Flags Frightfest.
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· Lord of the Cemetery
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Greetings Deron.

You're in good company here..
Pull up a casket, get comfortable and enjoy the forum.

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