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Hello from Spain!

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I'm Pablo, a 17 year-old student from Spain.

I didn't knew this forum, and I think it's amazing! Thousands of halloween crafts, music... my dream come true!

I'm sure you'll see me here quite often... I love halloween!

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Hola Pablo! Welcome to the forum! So, what is Halloween like in Spain?
Halloween in Spain isn't like Halloween in America, unfortunately. :(

Ok, we are changing the traditions and ideas, and every year, more shops sell halloween stuff, but only simple things, like brooms, witch hats, masks or plastic pumpkins, but any more...

People doesn't decorate their houses, but young people usually do halloween parties at home, where we tell scary stories while we hear some halloween music.
You can also go to the disco with your costume, but I think that isn't the "halloween atmosphere"...
Hi there Pablo, nice to see someone from Spain on the forum :)
Welcome to the forum!
welcome! ghost stories can be fun too! well, we are glad to share our tradition with you. enjoy and nice to meet you
Welcome Espana!

Excuse my ignorance, but does Spain celebrate a Dia de los Muertos like Mexico does? In Colorado, with it's large ethnic population we get to enjoy Mexican cultural influences as well as traditional Halloween, and the two are being celebrated as one more that ever. I love to experience other cultures history and traditions, it just enriches everything.

welcome to the forum
Hello Pablo, welcome to the forum, it;s good to have you here!
good question mad dr?
in charles city, the museum there does a day of the dead tribute every oct. i always seem to have to work when they do it. hope this year i can maybe get lucky and attend.
Welcome Aboard Pablo!
Hope you have a Sinister Season!!
Thanks to all of you! :)

Excuse my ignorance, but does Spain celebrate a Dia de los Muertos like Mexico does?
Oh, no... here we have the 31st October, and we celebrate a bit (young people in general) halloween, and the 1st November, people (old or religious, in general) usually goes to the cemeteries to clean the tombs and put flowers. It's incredible the quantity of plastic flowers that is sold in these days...
Ok, I'll live in Spain this year if you live in Dallas this year. Not on Halloween though! I'd love to go to some great Metal fests there. Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you later.
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