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Hi everybody!
Thanks for letting me in.
I'm so glad to have stumbled upon an actual Halloween forum!

My name is Kristina. I live in southern California with my family. Every year for Halloween we close off the street and have a costume block party with tons of games and prizes! The entire neighborhood comes. Families and forever singles always welcome :)

Our entire house is decorated inside out, and a huge themed display on the front lawn (lately we've been going the not-so-scary route, the children are too wussy these days). I usually dress up as a vampire or some sort of kick *** anime character or super herione or villainess (depends on the theme that year). This year we did superheros and I dressed up as Black Widow.

I also got to check out the haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO on Halloween night this year. Definitely a great time there :D

So yeah! Super excited to find a forum for fellow Halloween enthusiasts! I hope to learn and share some tips and tricks.
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