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HELLO HF!!! OK, so I finally broke down and REGISTERED, after months of "creeping" for ideas and how-to's on my Halloween party this year, the theme: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! (I know, not exactly a mind-blowing concept, but this is my first real totally hands-on, Halloween theme party with yard deco and everything!)
Here's my plan, or at least the hatching of one. I know I've got to get working! Halloween is right around the "Coroner"! (Ok, groan if you must, but they can't all be gems!)

I plan on decorating the outside like a toxic hazardous waste spill area, complete with nuclear waste barrels, prop men in haz-mats suits, and a soundscape outside like a quarantine in the effected area. Sound ok so far?

My idea is to have guests show up as either: a zombie, zombie victim, mutant, scientist, or hazardous materials team. I'm sending out these cool zombie party invites i got at shindigz.com

The thing I'm not quite sure about is... what's next AFTER they arrive? Sure I plan on making the INSIDE creepy, but how? Any ideas??

I have jello Brain and Heart molds, and I am going to make these cool cupcakes with little zombie hands sticking up as if coming from the dirt, which will be made of crushed oreos on top of the cupcakes and maybe those long oreo cookies as a grave stone.
I feel like there should be some games or activities or frights in this party, but that's where I draw a blank.
We will probably have a bonfire outside, unless its way too cold, and I'd like to project a movie outside, maybe Shaun of the Dead,
ZombieLand, FIDO or the Original Night of the Living Dead.

Thanks for reading all this, I hope to interact with you all soon! Feel free to drop me a line or give any feedback on what I've described so far, I welcome any and all ideas from all you creative Halloween-junkies!

Until then... BRAAAAAAAAAINS!!! lol

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