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Greetings fellow Halloween enthusiasts. I happened upon this site about this time last year, while searching ideas for my first major Halloween project - a life sized coffin.

Halloween is nowhere near as big in New Zealand as it is America, but there's a few of us that enjoy decorating our houses and yards for the occasion and celebrating with friends and family. Unfortunately 31 October falls during our spring, so seasons and setting of the sun quite different (and difficult) compared to America.

We've only been "doing Halloween" for the last three years, but each year getting bigger and bigger and creating greater interest.

This year's project is a couple of columns and some fencing to protect the coffin from being touched and a contraption to cool the fog and make it roll across the ground. Very interested in a lot of the ideas on here already.

Hope your projects are progressing well - only a couple of months to go to the greatest time of the year!
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