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hello from Nebraska!

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Hey everyone! I've lurked here for a year but never, until a couple days ago, decided to finally post! As long as I can remember I have anticipated the fall season, knowing that Halloween was just around the corner! I love EVERYTHING halloween! My husband and I have been married almost 3 years October 16th, and from the first day we moved in together I told him I want to have an annual Halloween party. Last year i gathered some ideas from this forum but didn't have a lot of direction in my planning so it ended up being random halloween decorations everywhere. This year I am doing a carnevil. I have already booked a caricature artist, have my favors and have started on some of my props. It is so exciting to have a theme and to have so many great ideas already out there on this forum for carnEVILS! Thank you to all who have contributed to this forum for years and I hope to be an inspiration to other in the future!
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Here to burgle your turts
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The only party you have to live up to is your own party from last year, and it sounds like you're on track to have that beat already! :)

I think I'd go a little nuts if I tried to compete with the talent on here. We've got some serious olympic level Halloweeners on the forums! But in that kind of company, you can't help but level up!

Looking forward to seeing some of your work as things start to come together for you.
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