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Hello from NE Ohio

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I found this forum doing a google search for yankee candle halloween collection.
Boy am I glad I did.
I had no idea anything like this existed.

I am kind of shy - I lurk more than I may post - I don't even have a Facebook.

My Likes:
Scary/Sci Fi movies (All things John Carpenter) ,
Scary Video Games (Silent hill, Resident Evil, Evil Within, Outlast),
The smell of bonfires and Autumn Air,
The color of the Sun when it filters thru trees in the Fall,
Warm hues of Gold, Copper, Orange, Rust and Amber,
Candles flickering leaving shadows on the walls,
Abandoned buildings, houses and Sanatoriums,
Photos of Broken and forgotten toys -
Graveyards and Cemetaries - the older the better,
Gothic Architecture displayed in black and white,
All things Dragons!
Old book stores full of forgotten treasures - and books of spells!
Rich fabrics - Velvets and brocades!

It's a mish mash of odd things really - but I see that lots of other people like these things too. So that is wonderful!

Thank you Larry for starting this forum and for all of the wonderful posters here!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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