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My name is Gil, currently 27 yrs old, non-binary/gender non-conforming transmale from eastern Kentucky.

Obviously I'm Halloween obsessed 24/7/365. I haven't built any of my own props yet but I'm hoping to make a fence post coffin this year (first time using a saw, should be interesting lol.) I'm currently unemployed but am trying to get assistance to go back to college for another, easier to find job, degree (graphic design just ain't cutting it lol.) Some other things I like is anime (I is huge nerdling), I like flowers (but black thumb of death keeps me from growing my own), the paranormal (UFOs included (btw Happy World UFO Day!), local history, goth clothing and design, drawing and uh... well that's about it for a summary I guess lol.

Anyway, nice to spook you all!
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