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Hi guys.
My name is James and I signed up a few days ago. I did so to post about a game my company made. We're not a games company, but when making an image recognition prototype, the result at least resembled a game, so we quickly made two apps, one in a 'spooky' theme. The player gets clues and has to find real objects in the world and photograph them.

It will always be free and is just a bit of fun, but it might for the basis of other software in future. We made it silly, and it is a bit rough around the edge, but it has a good heart! Anyway, I'll post it in the right section for people with i0S devices to download, if they wish :)

Myself, I have an interest in the Irish language, especially phonology, and Gaelic history, so will chime into any suitable threads, or can answer questions on pronunciation.

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