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Hi all! My name's Tommy and i've started a new label bringing out horror/halloween-themed music on cassette & digital so hopefully some of you will be interested in this :)

The first releases are from Canadian horror-EDM producer Ghoulshow my own horror-themed drum & bass/drumstep. Later in the year we have a release coming out by Werewolves In Siberia who makes John Carpenter/Goblin-influenced synth-music, a charity compilation for Bat World Sanctuary and a free compilation of haunt music.

The first cassettes are out July 29th but available to preorder now for an instant download of Ghoulshow's sci-fi-stomper "Zeta Crash Landing" or my horror-surf-dnb track "Death Beach"

Cassettes are £5 each which includes digital copy + 3 bonus tracks.

You can hear previews of all the tracks on soundcloud or youtube (accompanied by some of my favourite public domain horror trailers)

If any bloggers are interested in reviewing either of the releases, let me know and I can send you an advance copy of the download/stream :)


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Out today, 15 vampire/bat themed tracks for £2.50 and all profits go to Bat World Sanctuary!

1. Manix - Good Guano
2. Murkbox - Kyuuketsuki
3. Werewolves in Siberia - The House of Nosferatu
4. Ghoulshow - Echolocation
5. Optiks - Count Orlok
6. Fogcreature - Wings of Flesh
7. Connor Gandy - The Vampire Bat
8. Tommy Creep - Flying Beside Her
9. Défago - Night of the Vampire
10. Uxoricide - Bats of the Abyss
11. Hannibal Bateman - The Wings of Transylvania
12. Spi - Devil Bat
13. Fangris - Graveyard Shift
14. Sam Haynes - Dance of the Vampires
15. Darknesss - Hell's Organist
Also available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more.

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