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Hi everyone, my name is Pam. I am 39 and I live in Chino California. I was born to love Halloween, my birthday is the day before :) Dang Mom couldn't wait just a little longer LOL!!!

I am a SAHM. Wife to my wonderful husband Gary, and Mom to my 4 kids, well 2 kids, 1 man child and 1 want-to-be man child. LOL Translation, one has left home already, one is a teenager, and 2 at home LOL.

I am getting ready for my first Grandson to be born, his name is Kyle, he is due September 15....and so another TOT will arive :) Don't worry, Grandma will be sure to show him all the tricks.

Yes everyone thinks Im crazy for loving Halloween so much... that is why I come here to seek like cooko's :)
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