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Hello from Chino, California

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Hi everyone, my name is Pam. I am 39 and I live in Chino California. I was born to love Halloween, my birthday is the day before :) Dang Mom couldn't wait just a little longer LOL!!!

I am a SAHM. Wife to my wonderful husband Gary, and Mom to my 4 kids, well 2 kids, 1 man child and 1 want-to-be man child. LOL Translation, one has left home already, one is a teenager, and 2 at home LOL.

I am getting ready for my first Grandson to be born, his name is Kyle, he is due September 15....and so another TOT will arive :) Don't worry, Grandma will be sure to show him all the tricks.

Yes everyone thinks Im crazy for loving Halloween so much... that is why I come here to seek like cooko's :)
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Welcome fellow Cali haunter, its nice to see another Inland Empire neighbor.
Hi and welcome, I'm right over the hill from you in Diamond Bar!
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome Aboard!
Hope you have a Sinister Season!!
welcome to the forum
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