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Hello from Canada

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Hey guys, gals, ghosts, and all other creatures:

Just joined and thought I would say a quick hello. I always have liked Halloween but these last few years, I've been more of a spectator than a participator. Not sure exactly what I plan on going for to a huge Halloween party at a club but I just received my Black Sclera Contact Lenses from VampFangs. :) I've never worn contacts in my life and here I am sticking these huge things in my eyes, lol. I just got them on Friday, and I went to the mall on Saturday. Loved the reactions, I think this will be a good Halloween!
If you guys have any ideas on what I could do to complement the contacts, feel free to reply.
In my mind, I see me going as a well dressed demon. I was thinking I wear a suit, slick my hair back, and maybe have some horns made so that it looks like they are growing under my skin on my forehead. :confused: It might work, it might not. Anyways, I'll just browse the forums and see what's happening around here. :rolleyes:
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Welcome to the forum. It's refreshing to have someone with your enthusiasm joining our ranks. I'm quite sure that your costume will be as grand as you want it to be.
Welcome fellow Canuck! :p

I was checking out those black sclera contacts last year, they are amazing!! Sooo freaky!! :)
Thanks for the welcome guys.
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