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Hello From Cali

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Getting back into the "swing of the haunt" after many years. Looking forward to reading and seeing everyone's great ideas.

This looks like a great place. ;)
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Oi, I am on overload reading all the threads here. LOL I do Halloween on a budget, and I am getting some great ideas.
welcome, and boy can we relate. seems never enough time or money
Welcome. I love the Bay area! Wish I lived up there.
Welcome! I'm in the Bay Area too!
Indeed, this is a great place.
In fact most of us wouldn't be seen dead (or undead) anywhere else..

Welcome to the eternal autumn nights of Halloween Forum.

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Thanks for all the great welcomes. Now get your butts over to my place and help me figure all this stuff out. LOL My ex-husband and I used to do quite the gig each year - but it's just me now and I'm afraid I'm not quite capable of the things he was, like the lighting, making things fly, etc. (End pity-party here.)

Ready for my first noob question....... Where do you guys get the sheets of thick styrofoam that you use for tombstones and such? Mine are made of just single plywood and I'd like to add to them to make them thicker.
We get the foam from any "Big Box" hardware store (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) They're called extruded foam boards, used for insulation, inside your house's walls. They come in either pink or blue, and are usually available from 2 separate brands, Dow and Owens Corning.
Thanks so much nightride. I tried doing an on-line search at both Lowes and Home Depot - no go. :(
Welcome Aboard!
Hope you have a Sinister Season!!
Regarding the foam for tombstones......

Guess I didn't search for the right thing the first time. (DOH)

Is this what ya'll use? This particular type is one-inch thick. Insulation
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