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Hello from 24Fretz

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Hey everyone!

Brand new to the board. Nothing really special about me. I got into doing SFX makeup a few years ago, and have taken an interest in prop building....I'm a "newbie" so I'm still learning...And I've been a horror fan practically since I was a kid...

As for myself, I use to be a musician, and played guitar in several bands growing up. One of them was lucky enough to be featured on a Brother Cane Tribute CD, and our track actually got air play in Japan, Italy, and Germany...lol...but due to health reasons, and growing responsibilities, I've chosen to move on and invest my time in the art of SFX Make-up and Prop building for no other purpose other than I love it...Looking forward to getting to know the board and its members...Peace!
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Welcome! I am a newbie to DIY props
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