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Hello fellow haunteers

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Greetings all, Can't beleive I did not find this forum before now. What started out as a cheap way to make a few tombstones about 15 years ago has turned into so much more. I have somewhere between 20 and 30 tombstones now, some with special effects. Throw in a coffin, a Guillotine, Electric chair, gigantic scarecrow, two jacobs ladders and enough skulls to burry a small child and I'm now the "crazy halloween guy" in my neighborhood. I go for the spooky, creepy or funny. I don't really care for the gory side of things. This year I'm hoping to ramp up my Mad Scientist Lab with some bubling speciman jars and some other mysterious mechanical contraptions. Last years big, and I do mean BIG addition was the 22' arch over the driveway, which I have structurally upgraded this year and adding some lighting effects to. Vehicle Car Property Luxury vehicle Mid-size car

I always have help, my two sons, now 14 and 17 have been involved plus a group of close friends that always come out to help carve the 1-2 dozen pumpkins (and drink my wine).

"Wherewolf?..... There Wolf.... There Castle"
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Welcome to the forums! Agree that's an awesome archway (probably more applicable to my workspace than my haunt though. ;) )
Salutations and welcome feel free to friend me if you would like!
Welcome to the Forum
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Hello and welcome. Would be great to see some of those tombstones you mention.
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