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I have been coming to this forum for a while now and decided to finally join! :) I am a Halloween-o-holic and run a page on Facebook that is mainly about this wonderful holiday :D Halloween ties in very nicely with my other 'hobbies' of collecting funerary items, post mortem photos and other oddities. I live in WA state and share my home with the hubs, a son and our mini zoo crew of animals. I look forward to being an active member and getting to know more people here.

Oh! I did go to our local Costco today and they had out some Halloween items .... a skeleton dog w/ light up eyes, a DOTD Skull w/ top hat and light up eyes, a tower of skulls that lights up and then a large array of costumes for kids. I am hoping that they will have the skeletons like last year (keeping fingers crossed!).

Wishing you all a ghoulish day!!
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