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Hello Everybody

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This site looks like a great place to get ideas and advice as I continue on this strange lovefest I have with Halloween!!!! Finally found a place where I can be with others of "my kind". :D

Been putting up a Halloween display for going on 5 years now, with last year being the first time in a new neighborhood. Got so many great compliments last year and the neighborhood kids seem to really like it but I think the parents are the ones who I scared the most. :D

My theme is a graveyard and last season I had a jail cell with a very famous prisoner by the name of Michael Myers.... played by yours truly. Rob Zombie should have cast ME in that remake.

This year the project is going to be an electric chair which is what I was researching when I found this site. I bet I can get a lot of good ideas. Can't wait to see pics of what other people have done and I'll post mine when I get a chance and find the right thread to do so on.

Anyway... can't wait to get to know everybody at this message board.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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