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Hello, er booo

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Just joined. Got here by getting too curious on how to build props and the name of this site kept coming up. I plan to have fun with this in the years to come. Let the TOTs scream!
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Already bought a Lindberg skull and real teeth to make a mess of this year. Plan to make fire flies too. Last year was the first year and I made head stones, a FCG, flickering lantern (which I plan to upgrade this year), sound track, yard lighting, aged torches and window dressings.
Hello Mike, welcome ! sounds like you have a impressive start with props! got any pictures?? We LOVE pictures!
Pics, eh? I only just got started last year. My condo has limited space but I am making the most out of it and that with my neighbors on top of me. Turns out it was a good way to get to meet some of them. As it is I didn't take any photos and everything is now packed away in the garage. I am making a mental note to take photos when I unpack. If I'm really good I'll take pictures as I tinker this year, I expect to start tinkering soon. I have experience in model railroading and am anxious to see how that translates to haunting; if at all. So, I'll try to take pics, but I have to learn HOW to post them.
boo right back at you and welcome aboard
Halloween is great for bringing people together. Just like all the great people here on this site.
I'm sure you'll get all the help and advice you'll need right here.

As for model railroading, I'm sure that some of your artistic talents and techniques, with a little tweaking here and there, can be put to good prop making use..

Welcome to the forum

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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