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So, I'm supposed to introduce myself here..? =P

First I'd like to appologise for any misspellings etc., but I'll try my best. And also, I'm very keen on smileys like ";P" and "=/", so I'm sorry if my messages are full of them ;) (and you're free to correct me so I'll learn..)

Okay, so, I'm from Finland and I don't know if there are others here and how much you know about finnish "halloween", so maybe I'll tell a bit: we really don't have it ;P It means that we dont really have any traditions here, no trick or treating, no decorating our houses, no nothing.. Just for some years we've had something, some evenst and halloween merchandice but many people dislike halloween because it's just a "bad american commercial thing".. =/

But I love it, and I've been trying to bring halloween to my friends for a few years now by throwing a costumeparty! I love halloween and everything in it so I just love to decorate (only that in my apartment the decorations are up for just a week and mostly inside so only visiting friends see them) and make yacky looking foods and drinks and making costumes for me and my boyfriend and and.. =D Gladly my friends (even those who hate everything american and/or commercial) have been excited too, put on costumes and attended my parties!

Oh, was I supposed to tell something about myself..? =D Okay a short description. I'm 22 years old tech student and I live with my boyfriend in a flat for students (whatever is the right term ;) ). We also have a bunny and a snake here with us. I really don't have hobbies but I love movies and TV.. =D

What else...? Sorry I'm new.. ;
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