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Hello and help for haunted train ride

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I am new to the forum, last weekend I was in North Carolina helping my mother out with her train club. They actually have trains the size of SUVs and give people rides in them (about 100 people can ride at a time). So what they have been doing for the last few years is setting up a Fright Train for Halloween. This year most of the actors didn't show up so we have been brainstorming to come up with some things in a few days. So people can ride on the train and go by displays. We are trying to make the displays different on the return trip back so for example the electric chair starts with the train going by and the prisoner is being led to the chair and is resisting. The actor lets out one loud final scream as the train finally passes. On the way back the prisoner is now in control and the executioner is getting fried (they used a grinding wheel to created great sparking effects) in addition to the electric chair they have the headless horseman (real horse and rider), a graveyard scene (really needs work it is basically coffins and headstones), a witches scene with real fire, a surgeon performing massive bloody work, a swamp (still needs work-we have added eyes in the woods, a swamp hag), zombie with a chainsaw, werewolf, lady being attacked and eaten by a giant spider and this year we are adding a clown scene (basically clown sitting on a bench holding balloons and a knife offering free hugs). The track is about a mile long (can be longer) and is outside of course. Lots of wooded area, they have built two platforms to raise the scenes up to eye level. They use generators and flood lights to add electricity. They have fog machines etc. They have added black plastic bags over the train so that the riders get "touched". What other ideas can you think of or suggest? Even if it isn't for this year, we want to change it up for next year to keep it fresh.:)
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