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Hello and Happy Haunting!

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Hello hello, just wanted to introduce myself to all you awesome Haunters out there. Just joined the forum today and I'm super excited about finding it! I LOVE Halloween!

Ok, a little about me. I'm an Army Veteran, mother of 13 year old twin boys, doll artist, crazy dog lady, and perpetual DIYer. I love love love to make stuff! I've seen so many amazingly creeptastic creations here, I can't wait to get started on my first Halloween prop build!

I'm looking forward to making friends here ? You all inspire me so much! Thanks for taking the time to read this ?
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@thespookster and The Halloween Goblin, thanks so much for the warm welcome ��
Welcome! Hope you like it here!
Hello and welcome. Don't forget to post some pictures of the creations.
@ midnight87, Greenwick, TheCostumer, and minksocks, thank you so much for the welcome. It warms my deviant little heart :)

I've been dreaming about building and making Halloween props. Seriously, I've woken up in he middle of he night to get water, thinking about corpsing skulls! I've got a whopping case of the Halloweens. Lol. Still need to gather more supplies for the scarecrow I plan on building, but I may need to satisfy my creepy crawly desires with something that gives me a little more instant gratification!

Happy Haunting everyone!
It's a good thing to enjoy! I have an anxiety disorder, and planning out Halloween stuff is one of those rare things that gets me away from that for a bit. (Unless I start planning too many things!)

This place is fantastic, so I think you'll have a good time.
Greenwick, Halloween preparations are very cathartic! I have to admit I've been wanting to do to many things and have to prioritize what I can actually get done before Halloween. What awesomeness are you planning?
Welcome to the Forum
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