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Hello and greeting from California

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Just wanted to say a quick hello! I found this forum last year right before Halloween and gained so much great information. Now that Halloween is drawing near, I started lurking again. I decided to come out of the shadows and become a member. Excited for Halloween '09
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Maybe I can say Hi! here too... Yep, another haunter in Ca...
I've been lurking here off on and on for some time now and noticed there was someone that needed help with a prop using an oscillating fan motor.. I've had quite a bit of experience using them and thought maybe I could help out... So.. I signed up and here I am.
I've been a home haunter for about 15 years .. and like most started out with a very small front yard display.. It's grown to approximately 2800 sq ft using the front yard, the side yard and the 2 car garage/with a 4 ft extension on the front.
I don't use any pneumatics, but I do have several props using rotisserie motors, oscillating fan motors and windshield wiper motors.. even one prop using a ceiling fan motor. I think I have more animated props than static ones.. Almost every one of them have unique problems in getting them to operate the props that I have......, but that keeps the old brain active so it doesn't shrivel up and die..
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