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Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in!! I have been MIA since November...unfortunately our house was broken into the week before Thanksgiving. They took our 60 inch Plasma, my laptop, and our digital camera. It could have been a lot worse, our house wasnt ransaked and our two indoor only kitties didn't run away after our door being left open for hours! For those things, I am thankful for! Sadly, all my Halloween pictures were taken (they were on our computer and camera). This was the first Halloween at our new home and we had quite the display-but no photos to share Also, my HALLOWINDOW DVD was in my computer, so that is gone as well. I will have to email Mark to see if I am able to get another. The other thing I lost was my first year of doing a Halloween Inventory. DH set up a spread sheet and it was all inventoried so we knew what we had. Every light, plug, skeleton, fogger, zombie, candle, .....indoor, outdoor, static/animated, expensive/cheap thing related to Halloween was on there!! Now its all gone and the though of recreating it is exhausting!!
Anyway, I just wanted to say Hello from my new computer and hope all had Happy Holidays!!
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Oh man MM, that sucks, I can understand the violation feeling, we were broken into a year ago last June, they didn't take as much as you had taken, money, , meds, etc, but not feeling safe in your own home is a horrible feeling, I am happy that your kitties were safe and stayed in the house, we also have indoor cats, so that is a big worry. The pics of your haunt too, things that can't be replaced. I hope thay catch the a$$'s that did it, and throw the book at them!
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