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Hello again.....

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I been round here for almost a year, probley only been on like 7 times though.... till recently. Anyway I spose I should offically introduce myself. My real name is Troy and I have been making static and animated store displays and halloween props professionaly since 1996. And airbrush and custom paint from 93 which is my profession but now its more like a hobbie that I don't have time to do. My current home project is a pig(cuz I have been getting more into life like animals) that will run 12v dc yes no head movement ears and talking using no motors or servos. Its a new take on my other movements should be interesting to see if it all comes togather as planned. Troy
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Lord of the Cemetery
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Hmmm..The quiet ones are very often the most intriguing.
Your work sounds interesting, Lester.
Movement without motors or servo's?.....now I'm intrigued.
Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work.

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