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-thought I'd introduce myself before seeking help on my Prop project

1st Time Ranch Of Horror Employee here

Location: Turlock, CA aka Central Valley California

Horror fan since birth

Was convinced to audition as a Halloween Maze Cast Member. Now Sad all the years I lost. 18yrs to be exact with a highschool permit. My character could be buying a vape pen.

Luckily landed the role of Grim Reaper in the haunted maze. My job was to let customers walk past my door in a hallway towards a dead end. Upon finding no way out. I would turn a light on, to guide the group through the door exited. It was dark n foggy for me to turn my little light on for them to jump and eventually guide em to the next room. With practice they would follow my guidance to continue on. Some thought a magical door would open. The haunt was a month long. Even though my body felt it, most nights I did not want to end.

Cody Lee
Rookie ROH Award Recipient


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Hello, welcome!! Hope you enjoy your time here! :)
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