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My name is Cat, and my screen name is emeraldkitty. I'm in Winnipeg, Canada and I just found this forum a few days ago -- can I just say .... w00t! I'm loving the ideas and pics! :)Halloween is a big deal with my husband and I and we decorate the house and yard every year, do costumes, go out to events and before our little ones came along we also had a big house party.

There is also a sci-fi convention every year in May we go to so it's another excuse to get all dressed up in costume, even if it's not Halloween :) But shh ... don't tell us that! ;)

Now we have 2 little girls, our parties are on hold for a little while but we're still doing everything we can to celebrate. I also have 2 more excuses to go buy fabric and props :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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