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Hello. I am Noah Boyd, and I am creating a Dark Ride Myself. So, Let's get to where it all started:

Special thanks to Don O'Neil and The Sedgewick Hotel Dark Ride for inspiring me to do this, but with a Twist, We will be applying the SAME Principles that Technifex Used to create Dark Castle At Nasu Highland Japan. So i did My Research on some ideas, I even tried to get Roger Hector involved, ask him how it turned out, because he was the one who sent me some concept art that i won't be able to use for the Attraction. Instead of a Interactive Dark Ride, i decided to do something different while keeping the Haunted Hotel Theme. So i looked at a Sally Corporation Dark Ride called Zombie Paradise. No joke... It was called that name. So i also dropped the humor and replace it to create a Horror Dark Ride Attraction. The story had to be QUICKLY Revised. So I changed the story to fit in with the Same Concept as Dark Castle's:

In Hedwigson Hotel dwells a Werewolf. It stalks its Dark Halls, feeding on the Flesh of Intruders who dare enter the Hotel owned by the Late Lord Henry Hedwigson; The wealthiest man in the state of Massachusetts.

Enter at your own Risk as you venture through Dark adorning hidden Torture Chambers, Chambers of cult Members, corridors, And Hidden Passageways to terrify the Hotel's Patrons.

This Dark ride is Currently Progressing slowly while in Development. Volunteers and Myself will be working hard to bring this Scary Adventure to life.

We are Asking anyone who wants to help bring this Horrifying show to life, please let me know and reply soon with ideas and Sketches if you are interested in Volunteering in the project.

Thank you,
Noah Boyf
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