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Heat gun , wood burner, Dremel etc.

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How many of us use things like a heat gun, Dremel, wood burner when crafting? Are there other tools that you rely on?
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I was a sculpture student in college so I got to use some cool things. My favorite was a plasma cutter. THat thing was hardcore!. I learned to weld, forge and used a lot of hammer drills, saws etc. I used to have a good set of tools. I had an angle grinder that I attatched a disc to that was like a chainsaw blade "bracelet" between two plates. It was awesome but dangerous. I was carving a huge chunk of oak once and lost concentration for ONE SECOND and got a hand too close to it. It snagged my glove and yanked my hand around tearing a chunk out of my index finger. A few stitches fixed it up. THe doctor at the emergency room said " Next time leave me with more finger to work with" lol.
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