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Heartstoppers Haunted House 2008 Video

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Hi all,

After the run last year, I had a small film crew hang out for a few days and capture some footage of last years haunt. What they came back with was pretty cool, i think. We went for a more 'western' feel to the video, more creepy atmosphere and less techno/death metal.

Please let me know what you think! Click the HD button if your bandwidth can handle it, looks cool!


YouTube - Heartstoppers Haunted House in Sacramento presents The Deadlands 2008
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Awsome haunt Clusterone. I saw you guys at the POE haunting fields in 2007. All the haunts there were great, but heart stoppers, and the asylum were the best. Wish I could have seen the 08 haunt, I'm sure it was amazing. I'll have to make a trip to Sacramento this year. Vid looks great BTW.
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