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Awsome haunt Clusterone. I saw you guys at the POE haunting fields in 2007. All the haunts there were great, but heart stoppers, and the asylum were the best. Wish I could have seen the 08 haunt, I'm sure it was amazing. I'll have to make a trip to Sacramento this year. Vid looks great BTW.

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I had to watch it without sound and it was still awesome. I love the tall creature with red eyes that comes out towards the end. My halloween parties have always been western themed, so it's especially neat to see a haunt of the same kind of theme. Great haunt and nice video work.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'm glad you like it, now my question to you is how would it best be implemented on my website?

Just put it on the video/gallery page for people to watch if they want.

Put it on the front page and have it sit there unless someone hits the play button.

Have it be an opening to the website, maybe with a push button to skip if they want. I also have a short version, basically just the shootout at the opening...might be able to put that on the home page.

What do you guys think would work the best, I really want my future victims to see the video (people still think cheesy thoughts when they hear its an old west haunt) but I don't want to annoy them either.

Thanks for your opinions!


Haverghast, I hope you get to make it to Sacramento this year, what we did at Haunting Fields is being dwarfed by our new layout. I'm usually working the front door, introduce yourself and I will see about a behind the scenes tour for you, if you would like.
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