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Hi all. Well I have been looking at building a Hearse for a few years now. But having the space to build it in was always a problem. But now with the new house I have the room for my Halloween to do projects. It took a couple months of researching local hardware stores to come up with the design based off of available parts. The Hearse is built in such a manner that it all comes apart into panels. Bottom, Top, Sides, Ends and the drivers seat.

Its about 80% done. Still have to wood fill the counter sunk screws, mount the axles and wheels. Then construct a roof, attach trim molding, maybe some lanterns and of course paint.

Maybe next year I'll try and build a fullsize horse skeleton.

Here are the pics:

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I'm not sure exactly what you plan on doing with the glass. I guess you plan to use the glass for the hearse windows. If this is the case I just wanted to make sure that you are aware that the glass will be tempered and that you can not cut it. I have never tried to seperate the panes of glass on a sliding door but just to note that although tempered glass is pretty tough if it is set down improperly or hit on the edge it is likely to shatter. I hope that this doesn't mess up your plans.
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