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Headstones for 09

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So this year I decide to follow the example of a lot of you on this site and make some tombstones out of foam board. How long can it take right?

So I set off and begun my adventure in foam. What i discovered is: 1) Dremels work best with a router or depth guard 2) save the beer until the painting process (even though Oktoberfest is only available for a short time.) 3) a tape lint roller is the best thing to get foam dust off the floor mats in your wife's hot rod, it is messy (I know I was warned).

Now that I have all but 1 done I can start on the other projects that I planned for this year (and yes there is more foam in my future. I had a blast and am happy with the results.)
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Very nice! I really like the Poe marker. Super job!
I love the celtic cross. The weathering and aging on it looks realistic. They all look great but that's my fav.
You did a good job on carving, weathering, and producing these stones.
Damn, those are fantastic!!! I can only hope to produce something half as good for next year! (I'd do 'em now, but my budget's blown already LOL)
Quoth the Raven; Nevermore!

WOW... those stone are great! Especially the E.A.Poe marker! You've managed to make it very realistic looking and an excellent replica to the original in Westminster Prebyterian.

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PS. Are you going to have a half bottle of cognac & 3 red roses with the marker?
Great job! Wish I were as talented!
i love the one true love never dies.
Thanks for all the compliments! It was good times putting them all together.

Mr. Grimsley - as you saw i used the original stone as inspiration. At first I was trying to make an exact copy, but the carving surpassed my ability and attention span. The cognac and roses are an excellent idea! I would have thought about the "toaster" on November 1st. Thanks. Now how do I empty half the bottle? Hmmm... Let me have a drink and think about this one.
Actually, I think it looks much better without all the extra type on the bottom half!

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