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it is nice that there will be a post of likes and dislikes. likes gore, doesn't like gore. likes cutsey, doesn't like cutsey etc. that is how it was done last year as well. two years ago there was only one that received and didn't send. he was made public and shame on him. i never heard before there were some last year who didn't send. i think we would like to know who was left out and who was a sham. but i heard several offered to send to those if they didn't receive. so did this happen? unorth, that is a very nice offer. this was real fun last year for what i received. just as a thought, everyone likes to feel what they send is liked, so please give likes and dislikes. also, it is fun to see what everyone gets, a post of what you get is nice as well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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